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Oh man do I feel like a bad dog parent!!

Mikey had a bit of goober in the corner of his eye-more then the normal 'sleep' that they all seem to get, and in only one eye. Both of this indicates *not normal*

So we decided to wait and see if it continued, got worse, or was just an oddity. It's not an emergency, but we didn't want to take him in for nothing.

So tonight I was taking a look at it, and was wiping some **** out saying to dbf that we needed to make an appointment and suddenly I see something STICKING OUT OF HIS EYE

I had a heart attack-it looked like a sliver! I grabbed my first aid kit, santized tweezers and took him in the office where dbf (the nerd) has a wonderful light on a bendy arm with a magnifying glass. He held Mikey while I manipulated the skin to see the sticking-out-mystery-object. I grabbed it with tweezers and gently pulled.

Out. Came. A. Huge. Seed Pod. :eek: OMG and it must have been in there since Monday as that's when I noticed the goober.

I can't believe he wasn't worrying at the eye! We flushed it with sterile water, and the vet said(I had to phone her!) to keep that up for a few days and keep an eye on it.

I seriously-can't-believe it!:eek:
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