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Royal Canin alternatives?

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Hi, this is a bit of a cross-post with the health forum, but I'm hoping some dog food experts here might be able to help me figure out what I should be feeding my dog (Italian greyhound).

She has chronic pancreatitis, and should be on a low fat, lower protein diet.

My vet recommends Royal Canin Low Fat Gastro food (canned). I find the ingredient list a bit worrisome. I mean, maybe it's what she needs to be eating, and I'm not a vet, but it doesn't seem right. It contains a lot of corn, powdered cellulose, and some other things that seem suspect to me. But then again, it has some vitamin supplements… so I just don't know.

Can anyone either tell me this food is healthy, or offer me a better alternative for managing pancreatitis? I have always fed her raw, and the internet is offering me so many contradictory opinions about that. Some say raw is great for pancreatitis, but my vet says it's not. I'm confused.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone with knowledge about this kind of thing could offer me some advice. I'm willing to home cook or do the work to support her health whatever way I can.

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Hi Lisa!

Unfortunately treating for something like pancreatitis can be a huge challenge! The ingredients in most prescription dog foods do sound a bit terrible, but I know Royal Canin is the best of the prescription food brands.

I would say to try it out for two months and see how she is doing, if you notice her hair is losing it's luster you may need to look at other options, but for now using the prescription diet is the safest.

The problem with raw diets for dogs that are experiencing specific issues like pancreatic, kidney, or liver issues is that you can't guarantee the values of each vitamin and mineral or the amount of protein your dog is getting. It's super easy to feed too much or two little of something and cause damage when you don't mean to.
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Hi Buster,
Thanks for your response. I am going to give it a try. We switched on Sunday afternoon, and she hasn't thrown up since then, so I'm assuming that her system is happier with this food, in spite of my concern! I'm relieved that she is feeling better, so I apologize to Royal Canin, and take back all the bad things I said about it! ;)
Pancreatitis seems to be on the rise, and I believe the number one cause is kibble - or processed foods. Digestive enzymes are probably your key, assist the pancreas and take some of the load off. Simply keeping them on kibble with low fat and protein - the heavily processed foods - isn't enough.

Karen Becker does a wonderful job explaining it.
If your vet pescribes your dog something you should probably feed him that."The ingredients look a bit worrysome" that's why they are pescription only,and I'm pretty sure your vet knows what he is doing.I mean I don't think your doc would recommend you a drug that is bad for your health.And please,if your dog has serious problems ALWAYS seek a veterinarian and never the internet.Your vet has studied multiple years,while most people on the internet don't know anything about veterinary medicine and will just tell you something they heard on the internet without even checking if it has scientific back.Plus,they are not there to see what exactly your situation is,and every case is individual.So,just listen to your vet.
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