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So, I think I've decided that I'm gonna get a Rottie for my first dog, as crazy as that may sound. For Rottie Owners - Aside from being a strong protective dog, how affectionate are your amazing companions? :)

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Well my female is sweet but I think is part cat, coz she only gives affection on her terms lol but is otherwise very loving, is fantastic with children (but she has not yet realised I am pregnant lol) A little on the stupid side, she has her moments where she can be quite smart, but most of the time is so dopey!

My male ( half his blood line completely rottie) is crazy affectionate! And is so gentle around children !
But both are very stubborn too.
Make sure (once all vaccine completed) get your pup as social as possible, (without overwhelming him/her) have friends come over, socialise with as many dogs as you can.
They are great dogs though, very loyal food motivated too!

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Rottweiler are cool dogs.
I don't own one but i have met a lot of Rottis over time.
You need to keep in mind that a Rottweiler, like many working dogs, is not a teddy bear.
they can be very cuddly, but they need a certain amount of mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy.
Many Rottis prefer working with their human partner over hugs or kisses any day though.
Some are also very selective and only like to cuddle with their family or their one special person (which is not always the owner) and prefer to keep a certain distance from strangers.

Most of them can be a bit stubborn and they sometimes take a little bit longer to learn things compared with other breeds, but they do like working with their handler which makes it easy to train with them, if you know how to handle them.
Rottweiler can be very obedient but they don't slavishly follow commands.
They think for themself and in a specific situation they could, like many other dog breeds, make the decision to attack another dog, cat or human if they feel they're threatening their territory or people.
As a handler you need to be able to control your dog and solve situations so he never feels the need to act on his own.
the Rottweiler, like many breeds, profits from a calm, confident, gentle handler that is able to make the dog feel secure.

A lot of the Rottis I know are a bit handler sensitive and they bond very strong with one person or one family...the rest of the world ideally is not of special interest for them and seen with friendly indifference.
Worst case is that the dog does not tolerated strangers close to them or their family.

You need to make sure to socialise the dog.
this means to make them comfortable to be around people and other dogs as well as all kind of transport (bus, metro, train, taxi, car).
take your puppy with you to cafés and restaurants, in the park, in stores, but don't force your dog to have contact with dogs or people if he seemed overwhelmed or unsure.
don't let humans, especially children, have direct contact with your dog, if the dog isn initiating the contact and is signalising that he's comfortable.
humans should always be connected to positive emotions, not stress or fear.

Around 3 years, the Rotti, like many working breeds, grow up and at that time some of them decide they don't need contact with people outside their family.
even a very happy-go-lucky puppy can change to a more aloof and reserved adult dog when it comes to strangers.
this is totally okay and doesn't mean that your dog is badly socialised.
As long as the dog is still controllable and does not seek conflicts on it's own it is totally fine for a dog to not love everyone and prefer to stay with their own people.
Not every dog is a social butterfly.

I think it is possible to have a Rotti as a first-time dog, but you need to be willing to spend time and work and be responsible enough to lead a big, protectitive dog.
they're awesome dogs, but if you go wrong with training, it has the potential to go terribly wrong.
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