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Robot taking care of your dog

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Hey there DogForum community! 🐶🤖
We're conducting a study on the use of robots to assist with the care of pet dogs and we need your help! If you currently have a dog or have had a dog in the past, we'd love for you to take 3 minutes to fill out our survey. 📊
And don't worry, we're not trying to replace your furry best friend with a robot - we just want to understand how these technologies can supplement and augment the care provided by humans.
So if you're a dog lover and want to contribute to our research, just click on the link below and take the anonymous survey: Survey: Robot walking your dog

Thanks for your help!
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No matter how sophisticated, how advanced, how intelligent the robot was, it could never have the empathetic, emotional response to a dog and its needs that a human has, so it’s a Heck No from me, too.

There’s something extremely sad about the thought of a dog, excitedly wagging its tail, barking, waiting for a machine that’s completely indifferent to its emotional state, to throw a ball, a frisbee or a Safe Stick for it. Or for enthusiastically recalling, sprinting back to a machine which tells it “Good Dog” and dispensing a treat with about as much emotion and enthusiasm as it would use for forecasting the weather.

Nor would a robot be able to gauge the value of the act the dog has done. Different responses from a dog or the same act at different stages in the dog’s training should garner different reactions. For example;

Doing its business outside as a house-trained dog? Meh, low value treat or Good Dog.

Doing its business outside for the first time as a puppy? You throw that dog a Graduation party.

A machine can’t tell the difference and can’t feel the necessary emotion to get it right. To the machine, both “acts” are the same and require the same response. A human will know - will feel - the difference and their response will (or should) be in line with the dog’s current level of house training.

And getting a machine to walk the dog so you (global You, not you personally) can have another hour in bed?! That’s the height of laziness! Anyone who decides to buy a robot just so they can have another hour in bed doesn’t deserve a dog in my opinion.

I do like the idea of a machine cleaning up the accidents in the house though. One which could empty the cat’s litter box and/or entertain him while I walk the dogs, that would be something I’d consider.

But walking or feeding the dog(s)?

Nah, not for me.

That said, I wouldn’t say there isn’t a market for this sort of thing, just like there’s a market for clipping the dog’s leash to a fancy clothes line so the dog can get “exercise” while the owner’s at work/busy doing other things… And as a forum, that’s another thing we would strongly advise against.
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