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Robot taking care of your dog

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Hey there DogForum community! 🐶🤖
We're conducting a study on the use of robots to assist with the care of pet dogs and we need your help! If you currently have a dog or have had a dog in the past, we'd love for you to take 3 minutes to fill out our survey. 📊
And don't worry, we're not trying to replace your furry best friend with a robot - we just want to understand how these technologies can supplement and augment the care provided by humans.
So if you're a dog lover and want to contribute to our research, just click on the link below and take the anonymous survey: Survey: Robot walking your dog

Thanks for your help!
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This is possibly the worst idea I've ever heard of. If you can't walk your dog then why do you have a dog... and why does the dog have you? Both you and your dog need those moment for bonding. I actually answered the survey but it's not going to be the encouragement you hoped for. There is no technology currently that even comes close to being reliable enough that I would let my dog out of the house leashed to one. No way. No way!

If you want to develop a useful robot (dog or non dog related) then try focusing on one that can do light house keeping and/or surveillance tasks (possibly related to the dog) when you are not home. I could see a role for a robot in the house that kept an eye on the dog but beyond that my Roomba is more useful to my dog than a walking robot would be. Moreover, a dog will know it is not human and while I'm pretty sure you could train a dog to tolerate the presence of such a machine, they're not going to warm up to it.
Roomba really is the best robot to help with dogs... seriously, I even named my newer one "FurminatorJ7" (my second [older] one is named "PsychoRoomba690", but he can still get a job done). Haven't gotten the mopping version yet, but I can definitely can see it in my future! Now all they need is something that sucks up spilled water, food, and dog puke 😆.

As for dog-walking robots, I would never let a robot walk my dog... hell, I don't even let my husband walk him half the time. Probably wouldn't do a whole lot of good either way... it would get halfway down the street and my dog would either knock it over or push the power button, and I'd be walking down to get it anyway 🙄

I really dont know what it is with my dog and power buttons... once he figures out where they are, he starts pushing them for fun. He usually turns the Xbox and roomba on for his own amusement... though he has often turned the xbox off a number of times when my husband was in the middle of a game 🤣
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