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Hi, my first iPad was destroyed and I lost a lot of contacts, this being one.
So, I'll start over from today.
My dog is an Aussie.....Australian Shepherd....Samantha she is about 4 yrs old now. She is a blue Merle with pointed ears and long full brush tail. Faults if you are a show dog person. I don't care...I want working ability and friendly demeaner. I like dogs that have extreme drive and that love to work. Sam is all of that, plus some.

I rescued her about 2 1/2 years ago. She had absolutely no training at all. No crate, no leash, no obedience, barely accepted a collar. She obviously had been yanked around just before I got her as her neck was tender and bruised. She came equipped with very bad case of kennel cough that took almost a month to get clear up. The rescue organization required spay so I had her spayed which delayed training another month.

I'll get into what I've done with her in the other threads since then.


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