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Hi everyone,
This is my first time posting here.

I have an almost 7 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She's generally a great dog but does have some issues.

She has recently been getting aggressive with her bones and sometimes toys. She also seems to get aggressive when she's tired. She doesn't ever seem to show agression with toys with me, but we took her to a friends house tonight who also has a dog and she began to get aggressive with the other dogs toys. She does show agression towards my boyfriend and I when she is left alone with a bone for too long, but has never shown aggression over her meals. She will even let me go near her and pet her while she is eating. She is generally fine in the beginning.
Lastly, she also shows agression when she's tired or just doesn't want to be touched, which is mostly when she is tired. She will crawl onto my lap but if I try to pet her, she will growl, show teeth, and has even put her mouth on my hand. She doesn't really bite, but sort of mouths my hand as a warning.

Any and all advice is welcome. I just want to curb these behaviors as soon as possible as I don't want them to escalate anymore than they have. I just want her to be comfortable in any and all situations that she is in!

Edit: we have also just begun working with a trainer this week. Just seeking any other tips that may help.
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