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I have an almost 1-year-old black lab/dane mix who I'v had since February. I've worked hard at training him - he will eat his food on my command, will stop eating on my command - sit, lay down etc, is good with 'leave it' at the house - but horrible when we go to the dog park. We go to the park maybe once or twice a month.

My pup loves the tennis ball or disc at the park. we will play fetch for a while and he loves to parade around the park with the ball in his mouth. He honestly will spend most of the time at the park with a ball in his mouth. Even when I take it away, he'll find another one and just run around with it - maybe hoping to play keep away with another dog?

Anyway, sometimes like other dogs, he'll try and out race other dogs to to the ball which he almost always does. If another dog is close to getting the ball before him, he will growl at the other dog while both are in the motion of getting the ball. Once in a while he will do the same growl and bark/snap if he and another dog are sharing the water bowl. He has never bit another dog or me. But this behavior has made it so we don't go to the park during super busy times or at all. We will play fetch near the house instead. He is good with other dogs too.

He doesn't resource guard at the house either. How do I help his resource guarding/toy possession at the park or just in general? Is this resource guarding or something different?
Thank you
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