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I have a three year old husky who I've had since she was 8 weeks old. We've had no aggression issues at all, ever. The sweetest, most loving dog ever.

Last week, I brought home a new husky rescue named Tsuki (I pronounce it Sookie) and they got along pretty well. I introduced them correctly, they played for a little bit the first afternoon. The first full day Tsuki seemed a little unsure of herself and growled some, they mouthed at each other, but were best friends by that evening and were so cuddly and loving for the rest of the week (5 days). They laid on the ground with each other, cuddled up on my bed, and played literally nonstop. They didn't even get angry the couple of times one snuck to the others' food.

On Friday, the dogs were so good that I took them to a restaurant with my friend prior to going to get Luna's annual vaccines and Tsuki's heartworm test. They were perfect there, at the vet, and at home that evening.

I noticed Saturday morning that Luna was being a bit standoffish with Tsuki. She didn't want to play and by that evening she was growling any time Tsuki came within two feet of her. They got into it kind of badly, provoked by Luna. The time together was immediately limited.

I noticed Sunday morning that Luna was extremely lethargic (usually so Husky hyper it's annoying for most, endearing to me) and wanted nothing to do with Tsuki and didn't want her to touch her. I honored her feelings and kept them away.

I'm just wondering everyone's thoughts on the aggression. They have been so loving, do you think Luna is acting this way as a reaction to getting her annual vaccines? They have seriously been so sweet and loving for the week of togetherness, then a complete switch from my three year old ~15 hours after the vaccines.
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