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Hi everyone!
I’m looking for some advice or other experiences about their rescues and getting territorial. My catahoula mix is 2 years old and I’ve had her for about 10 months now. She’s been absolutely amazing and all around has been a model dog. We have moved 3 times in the last 10 months and we go on lots of road trips so we aren’t terribly settled day to day but we’re always together so at least there’s that constant. Since we just moved into our new house (well over 3 times the size of our last apartment) she is starting to show some less than desirable behaviors that are completely new for her. I know it is very normal for a dog to be “testing” in a new environment so I was prepared for that but my concern is that I have a roommate at my new place who also has a dog who is 10 months old.
Aber (my dog) has been around lots of dogs and loves every other dog on the planet. She loves my roommates dog too (Milo) and they’ve played together before moving, in the midst of moving, and at the new house on many occasions. She lived with a very old Bichon at my parents’ house for 2 months while we were transitioning places and they did totally fine. She also has lived with another young dog in Texas when we go down there to visit my boyfriend and they are totally fine. However, Aber seems to have claimed this new house as hers which is great. But today Milo came over and Aber started to get very defensive. She did not want to play with him, she took his toys and growled at him when he tried to play with her and the toys, she was baring her teeth and just all around didn’t want to play with him. She greeted him like normal at the door and played a little bit but definitely not her usual self. Very long story short, I want to know other people’s experience with rescue dogs and becoming territorial in a new environment. I don’t want to have to pry 2 angry 50 pound dogs off of each other if there are signs, tips, and trainings I can look out for to help them through this transition.

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This sounds more like resource guarding than being territorial.

Maybe start by having a look at the sticky thread and see if you think it fits. Then, keep triggers well out of the way - things like toys, but other things could create flashpoints too; for example food, a comfortable place to lie, people.

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