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Rescue Dog Rough with Kids-HELP

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We just adopted a 1yr old, Beagle mix 4days ago. He is smart and responds well to obedience training. We were advised that he was good with kids and would make a great family dog. He came from a shelter in the south and is neutered. He is rough with my kids. Will knock them down and mount them any chance he gets. He also tries to hump them when he's excited. (he's neutered). My 2yr old is scared of him. He hasn't bitten or growled, he has snapped but not made contact. It seems more playful than aggressive but I can't be certain. Is this normal puppy-ish behavior? I'm worried it's going to escalate. Thanks!
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Specifically what kibble is the dog on. And tell us about exercise.
He's on Simple brand kibble. And in terms of exercise-one long walk a day and tons of fetch and running in our backyard.
And to be more clear-it's not necessarily EVERY chance he gets. It's primarily when the kids are running or on the couch. We're not going to let the dog on the furniture as a result which is a bummer.
4 days isn't very long for him to be in your house. He'll probably need to settle in quite a bit more.

I'm curious, did the rescue give you specifics on his interactions with children or any other part of his history, or were they just kind of guessing?

I would give him another week or two to settle in without pressuring him - keep him off the furniture for now, and try to encourage your kids to be calm around him. Separate if you must during times when your kids want to run around. It's not forever, just so he can acclimate.

Then, I'd look into either a private trainer or a group class where you can go and just do some training with him. It's a great way to build a bond and it may be fun for your kids to take part as well. It's also a great way for a pro to assess if his behavior is worrying or not and give you tons of solutions.

Just be sure to steer clear of any trainers that use dominance training methods or talk to you about needing to be the "alpha" and stick with those that use positive methods. If in doubt, you can always ask here if the methods they use will be good or not!

Honestly, I wasn't much into private training until I got a reactive dog who NEEDED I love training classes. It's nice to have a pro help me out because I can get frustrated a bit on my own. :)

As always, reward your dog for good behavior whenever you can. He's playing nicely with a child? Treat, toy, or whatever he finds rewarding! He's laying down and being calm? Treat!
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Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. The adoption coordinator at the rescue group didn't provide much specific info-I should have asked more questions. She has kids the same age as mine and insisted Flash would be a great fit!

It sounds like I'm doing the right things which is reassuring. I have a private trainer coming tomorrow for an evaluation. And I've been using the clicker method for training. He's done quite well with it. Although he quickly started repeating bad behaviors (begging) so he could get a treat upon correction. So now as you suggested, I'm rewarding the random good stuff that I observe.

It's interesting in terms of the running around. Using the clicker he learned not to jump on me and when I stop running he stops and sits right in front of me. I so wish that would translate to my kids. I can't exactly use them for training purposes though!

Thanks for the advice and reassurance, I appreciate it.
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