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Reoccuring Conjunctivitis

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Hi all,

My dog has grass allergies, so after I take him out I would rinse him with water. I don't use shampoo to retain his natural oils.
That seems to prevent his itchy body and he doesn't get hives anymore.

However, every 2 months he would start pawing at his eyes which leads to conjunctivitis. I've been wiping his eyes with warm (slightly salted) water every day, but it doesn't seem to prevent the eye itchiness.

I always take him to the vet when it happens and he always gets a steroid injection and antibiotics. But this doesn't seem sustainable if I need to take him to the vet every 2 months.
If he takes too many antibiotics, his immunity may resist it over time.

I'm not sure if anyone in this forum has had similar problems?
And is there a natural way to prevent conjunctivitis that I could try?

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I do a full rinse after I take him out on walks and to the park, including his paws.
Although, I don't normally rinse or wipe him after letting him out to the backyard for a short potty break, as he gets quite fidgety when I grab his paws. Thanks for the suggestion! I could give that a try if all else fails.
I am also curious about @Schnauzaluv 's allergy management now that you mentioned :)
Hi MaisieAndGem,

Its funny that you mention Cen Oil as I just came across their website a few hours ago!
Its great to hear your dogs have great results from the oil. Do you own a Staffy and Mini foxie?
My dog is a Jack Russel cross, but I think he has a bit of Staffy in him and I heard Staffies tend to get rashes, so perhaps they're similar.
Have you tried Cen's Digestive+?
I wasn't sure whether to try a combo of Cen Oil and Digestive+ , or just try the Cen Oil for now.
Thanks for the suggestion!
Hi @Schnauzaluv ,

Thanks for letting me know how you've managed your dog's allergies! Wow I had no idea the benefits of Colostrum or even heard of it until I read your response! Thanks for the link, I'll definitely look further into this. The benefits sound pretty good!

I'll also try getting him used to the paw wiping. He is used to showers since I give him one every day, so I should try and make the paw wipe a regular thing so he gets used to it.
Thanks again for sharing! I appreciate it :)
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1 - 5 of 8 Posts