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Rehoming guilt

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Hi everyone, my name is Margaret and my wife Sydnie and I recently had to rehome our dog due to health issues I was made aware of. I tried every avenue to try and keep her but it just wasn't in our favor, we are going to have to travel quite often for treatment for me and we felt it was not fair for her to have to be boarded or with our different family members so often. We both love her more than anything but we just want what's best for her. I am so heartbroken and am dealing with copious amounts of guilt and stress surrounding the situation. I am wondering if anyone knows what we are going through and has any ideas on how to cope and forgive ourselves. This was one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make and I can't help but think it wasn't the right one.
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Aw, that's a bit harsh @BigBlackDog.

The OP hasn't just had to let her dog go, she has also got to face medical treatment that must be for something serious enough to have had to make this decision. Let's show some sympathy?
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@marsmith, please can I also wish you the best with your treatment, I hope it goes well.
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