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Here’s why grooming is more than just making sure your dog looks and smells good.

Everyone wants to look their best—including your dog! There’s nothing wrong with putting your best paw forward and strutting your stuff at the dog park. Grooming will ensure your dog looks sharp, but there are other benefits that come along with this routine, and they have nothing to do with looks.
When you make grooming part of your daily or weekly routine, your dog gets a lot more out of the practice than a perfect fur day. Here are a few reasons why you should groom your dog faithfully.

Comfort Level

Regular grooming is important for keeping your pooch comfortable in his own fur. This is especially true for long-coated canines. Matted and tangled isn’t fun or comfortable, so you’ll need to brush him every day. Pay special attention to the hair around the elbows, on the tummy and between the legs, as these areas are particularly prone to matting. If you’re not prepared to brush daily, take him to a professional dog groomer to get his coat clipped or shaved.

All-Around Good Health

Would it surprise you to learn that grooming is essential for your dog’s overall good health? It makes sense; it works for humans too. You should be brushing your pup’s teeth every day to help keep them free from plaque. If your dog has poor dental hygiene, it can lead to gum disease and serious infections. Cleaning your dog’s ears is also important, especially in breeds with large, floppy ears. Dirt and gunk can build up, leading to painful and smelly ear infections. And while regular bathing is important for skin health, bathing your dog too frequently can be detrimental. Giving your pooch a bath every two to four months will do the trick, unless he gets himself into a messy situation.

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