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Reculant about adopting a young dog

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I have 8 years old Australian Shepherd. I used to live with my ex that owns two dogs. We broke up and I took my aussie with me. Lately he seems to be depressed and lonely. I am not sure if he misses his playmates or my ex. I found a dog that I am interested in adopting. He is aussie/husky/lab mix 9 months old. I'm little afraid of the age difference. Do you think it will be a good idea to getting a young dog to be playmate for my older dog?
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8 years isn't too old to handle a rambunctious older pup! I'd reccomend a meet and greet though to see if they get along personalitywise.
Make sure you are getting this dog for you, because you want to. Not just for your other dog. Though if they become friends and play together it is a great bonus.
I have to agree with Redwood. A meet and greet is a great idea. Also as long as your dog is active I don't see a problem with the age gap.
Was this a recent break up? Honestly, I would wait. Don't make a quick decision. Two dogs is not always better than one. There are other ways for your dog to get doggy time without owning another dog. Maybe try joining some meetups that cater to dog owners...making friends at the dog park etc. I agree with an above poster, get a 2nd dog ONLY because you want a second dog. Don't get a dog to entertain another dog...because if it's not what you want, you won't be happy.
That depends on your dog. Some old dogs hate puppies. Others love them and enjoy the new life and spark they add to the household. If you really like the new dog and your current dog does as well, I don't see a problem.
Thank you for inputs. I decided to adopt the 9 months old puppy. I fell in love with him. My aussie likes him as well. I adopted him on Dec 8th. Today I took them to play at river. The new pup named Eiichi already bonded with Tadeo the aussie.


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Awww...they look like happy dogs! Congrats on the new pup!
Cute photos, congrats on your new dog. : )

I agree, I don't think 8 years is too old for a younger companion another 2 or 3 years, the older dog might find it a little hard to keep up with a dog that is in it's prime. But I think having a companion now, will keep the older dog more active and thus healthier, which might be of benefit later on life.

Also, off topic here... but, I couldn't help but notice your user name. Aigoo...
In Korean, it's a word said when one is exasperated or frustrated - translates as kind of like saying 'oh geez' or 'ugh'

I'm not an expert in the Korean language by any means, but I listen to a lot of Kpop and watch Kdrama and one of their most popular variety shows, Running Man.

Stormy : )
Glad you went along with adopting and that they get along! Beautiful furbabies. :)
Thanks! I'm glad that I decided to get him.

Stormypeak - yeah I'm a huge fan of Korean dramas. Running Man is my favorite. I love Kwang Soo and Jong Kook.
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Thanks! I'm glad that I decided to get him.

Stormypeak - yeah I'm a huge fan of Korean dramas. Running Man is my favorite. I love Kwang Soo and Jong Kook.
I named my cat, Song. I also adopted a slightly retarded golden retriever...he has learning issues, and a funny, cute face as his head didn't develop quite right, but in some ways he's smart. His name was Rugar when I got him, but that's also the name of a handgun brand. So I renamed him HaHa, who is my favorite on the show. Just like Ha Dong Hoon, my HaHa is hilarious, and playful and at ease around everyone.

Kim Jong Kook is next in line on my favorites list.
And, Song Ji Hyo is in a class all by her self.

Glad to know there's another Running Man can here :thumbsup: I've never missed an episode of it.

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