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Recommendations for Canadian Pet Health Insurance

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So recently my 4 month puppy had to go in for minor surgery to have a bump removed on her leg due to a reaction to her 3 set of vaccines. The vet bill came out to $870 cdn. I do not have pet insurance at the moment so I paid it out of pocket. (If the biopsy comes back confirming it was an allergic reaction the vaccine company might partially or fully reimburse me according to the vet but I'm not holding my breath haha).

While some of my friends have told me to get pet insurances, others have told me to save my money and just put aside a bit of cash each month.

I have never gotten pet insurance for my Shiba, he's 12 now and since I've had him (I got him at 4 months) he's gotten pancreatitis twice and he also got sick at 6 months for a kidney related issue but that's it. Total vet costs out of those 12 years has probably been $3000 at most.

The vet said that I have been super lucky he hasn't gotten sick more often, but it's also because he's more of a house dog, doesn't roam in the forests, doesn't go to dog parks or dog day care etc.

With my pittie pup, she will definitely be more active and out and about. (Dog daycare and I will be taking more often on trails around BC etc.) For those reasons, I've been more inclined to get her pet insurance.

Can anyone recommend a good Canadian pet insurance company? What have your experiences been with these pet insurance places?

I've been reading reviews on some, and a lot of people have had negative experience where they are not covered, or they spend the deductible and pay out of pocket only to get a fraction of the cost back. Others get denied because they didn't do a yearly wellness check or it was a pre-existing condition.

My head is ready to explode doing all this research, I'm starting to see spots from staring at my computer screen!
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I'm not familiar with what pet insurance is available in Canada, but we have had insurance for Samantha, literally since we got her six years ago. We use VPI, which is now National. I, frankly would not be without medical insurance for her, and I am able to reduce the premiums by increasing the deductible, still maintaining coverage should anything serious occur.
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