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I haven't taught Aspen anything new in a while. I'd like to teach her rebounds. Has anyone done these? Suggestions?

I've temporarily suspended "sit pretty" haha I cannot get her to do it without the lure. I've tried everything.
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Well first, don't give up on sit pretty! Is your lure food in your hand? Have you tried using a Clicker Stick or something like peanut butter on a stick?

From my training membership site:

Step 1
Lure your dog onto your lap

Pick a non-slip area to work in. Sit on a low stool or on the floor if you have a small dog. Start with your dog in a 2 o’clock position in front of you. Lure your dog’s front feet up on your lap, and feed in that position. When your dog is comfortable putting his front paws up on your lap you can lure him all the way up in your lap with all four feet and mark and feed him there.

After practicing this step until your dog is confidently balancing in your lap you need to choose which trick to continue with, Rebound or Jump Into Arms.

Step 2: Throw the treat on the floor

Repeat Step 1 but instead of feeding in position you mark the dog for jumping on your lap with both front and back feet and throw the treat on the ground at a 12 o’clock position, and tell your dog to get it if he doesn’t jump off immediately. Set your dog up in the 2 o’clock position again and repeat the motion. What you are looking for is the whole motion from start to end looking like a circle. For Rebound I like to lure the dog onto my lap from my right side with my right hand and then throw the treat right in front of me in a sweeping circle motion. This will eventually turn into the visual cue.

Step 3: Add height and remove treat lure

Sit on a higher chair or crouch down with your back against something and keep working on luring your dog to jump on and off in a circle motion. When your dog is confident lure your dog up with an empty hand. Mark and throw a treat in the 12 o’clock direction.

Step 4: Add a cue

You can choose to keep the visual hand cue or add a verbal cue. To add a verbal cue, say your new cue ‘Rebound’, before you move your hand to do the visual cue.
Don’t let your bigger dog offer the behavior without being cued first, as offering the trick when you aren’t ready can end with you and possibly your dog getting hurt.

Step 5: Stand up

For this final step take the pose you want to have for the finished behavior. If you have a tiny dog kneeling on one knee is probably a good height. For a medium to bigger dog you can stand up and have your dog jump off you hip area or stomach.
If you add speed to the trick it is a good idea to wear thick clothing and have your dog’s nails trimmed short.
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I started with the treat in my lure hand, then loved it to my non-lure hand. I have tried the PB on the end of the spoon. It's so strange because she'll do EVERY other trick without even seeing the treat but not this one. I am willing to bet that I'm doing something confusing for her haha.

Thanks for the rebound tips. I think I'll start this one night this week.
@Aspen726 - I used a nose touch to teach my guys. Maybe she could do it that way?

I'm currently teaching Levi to "limp". It's hilarious. He just keeps waving his paw at me.
@Shandula oh I see. So nose touch the spoon, do the sit pretty then get the treat? Hmm, I'll try that!

That sounds hysterical!! Haha.
I started rebounds/tictacs with Dexter and Leggs a few weeks ago.
Here's another option that teaches rebounds off objects instead of the body. But you do need some kind of board.
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Thanks @kmes !

How are they doing with it?
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