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Hi essbeff,

I'm guessing that these are your first puppies. The concern that nearly everyone is voicing here centers on what is called "littermate syndrome." You can find many articles about littermate syndrome on-line. Here's just one of them:

Don’t Take Two Littermates | The Bark

Here's another:

Note that young puppies don't have to actually be from the same biological litter to be considered "littermates." The key issue is their proximity in age.

You are clearly very invested in being a great pet owner. However, the challenges of raising three well-adjusted puppies at the same time are substantial, even for the most experienced owners. The second article I posted talks about even guide dog trainers found that working and training multiple puppies simultaneously was difficult and counterproductive.

I know that this is not the advice you came here to read, and I appreciate that you are asking questions and doing research. Please keep in mind that the advice you're getting to rehome one or two of these puppies has been given not to criticize you, but to set you and these puppies up for success.
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