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Reactivity to new neighbors.

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Hi everyone! I joined this forum a year ago when we first adopted our rescue dog (lab/hound mix), Kinzie. She came to us very anxious, nervous and reactive to other dogs and people. As I mentioned in previous posts, it was completely overwhelming at first and I wasn't sure I could do it. A year's worth of patience, consistency and love has paid off as she is much more calm and obedient now. We still have issues with reactivity, but much improved. She can ignore other neighborhood dogs now and is only reactive maybe 30% of the time (versus 100% before!)

That was, until last week when new neighbors moved in. Our old neighbor was a single guy who was super quiet. The new ones are a family with three young (noisy!) kids. Now her reactivity is almost like it was a year ago. She is on high alert in the backyard, barks loudly whenever they talk or move in their backyard. To make matters worse, one of the kids likes to yell back at Kinzie when she barks and will mock howl or yell back to her...which makes her bark MORE! I spoke to the family and let them know she is reactive and it will calm down in time, but to not yell back at her. The parents seemed so understanding and were really nice, but the kid still does it.

Im just frustrated. It feels like Im back at square one. I need some words of wisdom!
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I have to ask, do you feel it's your neighbors responsibility to succumb to your dogs issues? They should be quiet for the sake of your dog?

If I was in your neighbors shoes - and I'm different this way - I'd tell you to bring the dog in my yard and let us meet the dog. Or in your shoes, I'd ask the neighbors over.
I disagree with @jagger on this one. It doesn't seem like its the family's noise that's the issue, more the child egging the dog on.
I seem to be the one people like to disagree with.

Old neighbor was quiet, of course the dog is going to be relaxed. OP clearly states that there's 3 noisy kids next door now - kids being kids really. The dog is on high alert when the kids are outside. This isn't a problem to you?

No, the child should not egg the dog on - but that is something you can't control. What's going to happen if one day the child egging the dog on decides to come into your yard and egg the dog on? Doubt it would go over well.
but the dog deserves to not be barked at in its own yard.
The neighbors don't deserve to be barked at either. I've lived next door with neighbors with loud dogs - it's not so fun on the other side of the fence.

I ask again, what do you think will happen if that child ends up in the OP's back yard one day when nobody is paying attention?

This is where I firmly believe in socialization. I find it interesting that people give the dog a pass.
So, I apologize if I'm coming off wrong.

I urge you first of all to read the Dog owners liability act, use it as a guideline to take preventive measures. Ontario has basically gone off the deep end when it comes to dogs - and pretty much full liability is now on the owner of a dog. It doesn't always take a bite. Seems like aggression is construed in most matters - doesn't seem like much is taken into account for a dog if it's fearful, reactive, unsure, whatever.

If it's just your husband and the dog in the back yard, does the dog act differently?
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