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We feed a raw diet to our dog (our cat as well). We buy everything weekly and freeze the meals for the week. They are all doing very well on it and the vet (who is against raw) is happy with growth and maintenance.

Our dog eats a variety of meats and organs. Here is what we do daily for our 5 month old 55lb pup (she is still growing):

Chicken Backs 12oz
Beef Liver 0.9oz
Beef Kidney 1.2oz
Beef Heart 3.9oz
Green Tripe 3oz
90/10 Ground Beef 3oz
Pork Tenderloin 3oz
Ground Turkey 3oz
Canned Oysters 1.2oz
Atlantic Herring 2.7oz
Vitamin E 1 drop
Kelp Powder 57mg
Canned Pumpkin 3oz

We then break those daily amounts into 3 servings a day. She loves her food. The crunching of bones is stimulating to her. She has a soft, clean coat, clean teeth, fresh breath and full of energy.

Hope this helps those who are looking into raw and need some guidance.

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3 Corsos here and Eve been feeding raw for 5 years many vets are against is but my guys are happy and healthy and we don’t deal woth dog food recalls my raw is definitely best! :)

We will be getting another Corso this fall and he will be going on raw as well. We love raw diet and love knowing what exactly is going into their foods. Here is a bowl of food we make up and freeze. The only things missing from the pic are the vitamin E drops, the kelp, and an egg(3 days a week)
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