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hi everybody! my dog has a rash (or what look like) at the beginning of his tail. it was itchy and it got raw in a few days of bitnig it. vet told me it's allergy and sent me home with antibiotic. i gave him all the antibiotic because i thought it was getting infectted and treated the wound with polysporin to keep it moist. it did improve a lot. now it seems he's itching also at the base of the tail and i saw a red area starting to appear.
i went over everything he could be allergic to but nothing seem to quite fit .anybody any idea??
i don't think it's food:he's on raw diet since he was a month old (he's 2 years now) and he's doing great.
or fleas:I never seen a flea but i tested a few times for it but the very few black speckles i found never turned red or dissolved in water.
i don't think it's seasonal: he had something similar last year in settember. we gave him something like frontline and it went away.
i'm waitng for the antibiotic to be out of his system and we'll give him again frontline.
apologize for the long thread. thanks for any ideas...
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