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Marley's Story!

So here's the story on how Marley(the cute puppy) came about. I found him while at work, I lured him to the bar & we put him in the box well he didn't like that at first so he got out & 3 minutes later he wanted back in, so I was like AWWWWWWWWWW, he likes it here! Well my bosses son(Mikey) was not having any that and tried shooing him off & telling me to get back to work. Well he was successful in shooing him off for the day which really upset me & a few others, well 2 days later I come to find out the puppy is now living with Mikey cause his sister re-found it & brought it back to the bar. Well now Mikey absolutely adores Marley & has given him a great home. Thank you Mikey![/ATTACH]


1 - 20 of 3081 Posts