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Person is petting my dog, ohh-ing and awww-ing over how soft, beautiful and well behaved they are. Cue the question of what breed they are - Rottweilers.

*Startled* "but they are sooooo friendly and well mannered".

I'm taking that as a compliment! ;)

Then my favorite ones are people that have admitted that they are scared of Rottweilers but my boys have changed their opinion of the breed. :)

Other than that - Shadow is the goofiest dog around and people are constantly saying what a happy, care free soul he is. He is just so pleasant to be around.

Brutus is a lapdog - people kind of snicker when there is a 100 lb Rottweiler trying to crawl in my lap "without me noticing". But they always say how sweet he is and how friendly.

Both have been called gorgeous as well. :D
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