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Ella always gets compliments about how beautiful she is (rightly so ofc :D)

The oddest - One of my older relatives at my grandmother`s birthday said "Oh Ella you look like some Chechen princess" .. she has a very pretty/feminine face and she has this special look when you pet her and she`s enjoying it .. her eyes look a bit ********* then as she looks down and bats her eyelashes at you.. it looks almost like she`s flirting, haha.

People gush a lot about her looks.

We have also had comments about how well behaved and friendly she is when we`re out at crowded places like in downtown or cafes.

People also are always surprised when they touch her fur. She has the silkiest fur I have ever touched. It doesn`t look that silky but it`s very very soft and silky to the touch. I have had people petting her and say to their friends "ohhh come touch her fur, it`s so soft".
My stepfather always asks houseguests` to touch her fur because "you wont believe how soft it is".
I thought it was puppy-fur and she would lose it as she grows but nope, still here.

I`ve had people also comment on how short her nails are (you can`t almost see them) and it makes me happy because I know that it means she gets enough exercise (we`ve never needed to cut them).

People also comment about her tail - it`s very big and fluffy/bushy. My mom once said that "Her gorgeous tail makes up for all that naughtiness" :D
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