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Hey everyone, so I just met my new eight week old puppy, Lucky, and it is his third day here. I'm new to all this so I was wondering whether you guys can offer any advice because I think the people here are really helpful and informative =D

1. Potty training issue: pee training is going well. I can't get the pooping right though because he just refuses to poop in the same place as he pees but prefers to poo near/on our vege garden. I've tried saying no and taking him to the right place but by the time I carry him over to the right place, he's poo is already on the ground :( Should I just take him over to the vege garden area for poo and praise him when he goes there?

2. Unaffectionate puppy: Lucky is generally very calm so I'm very thankful but he seems to be extremely independent and aloof. He does not like coming to me even when I have treats and prefers to do his own thing most of the time. I've tried playing with him but then he'll get distracted and go to the garden to spend time alone. Otherwise, he prefers to play with the toys alone without me interfering. He does not come over for petting and cuddling. He allows us to pet him but I'm not sure whether he likes it or whether he is just putting up with it (no reaction from him). I do train him everyday and he has managed to learn sit, down and roll over in 3 days. I've also tried hand feeding him and grooming him. In the past two days though, he has started climbing onto my lap and sleeping there so I guess that is an improvement.

Is this independent and unaffectionate behaviour simply due to the new environment or do puppies outgrow this stage and become more affectionate later on?

3. Nipping: He is a Kelpie so I already anticipated that he'll start nipping our pants and legs but I'm not sure whether saying "no" is enough to curb this behaviour? What do you guys think is an effective method to stop him nipping us when we are running or moving fast?

Thanks in advance! :D

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Now that's out of the way:

1. Potty Training: Consistency is key. If you don't want him to poop over there, I would take him to the spot you want on leash, and wait for him to pee, then walk around the spot you want until he poops.

2. Puppies really start to get affectionate after a little while. It will take some time, but it is so awesome when they finally are vying for your attention. My Aussie took about two weeks, my Border Collie is getting very mushy now after about 4 weeks.

3. To curb the biting with my herders, saying "ouch" or "no" did nothing other than get them very pumped up. Instead I always keep a small toy on me, to redirect the biting to. To stop her nipping while you're moving, start very small and slow. Take a step, and instantly reward her with a treat for not nipping. Then do two steps, then three steps, then one step. Don't always make it harder.
If she's fast and manages to bite you, immediately stop walking (after all, they love to get you moving, damn those genes) and redirect to a toy. Once you can get up to 10 steps walking without biting, I would increase my speed.

Hopefully that helps!
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