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Question regarding the possibility of adding a new puppy to the family.

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Hello everyone, this is my first post here, basically I'll jump right in with my question, I have a 12 year old staffordshire bull terrier named Tags, he is a lovely dog who just wants to play and eat all day. I've had him since he was a pup and he is basically great at everything! But he doesn't have a lot of experience being around other dogs, he's never mated, and has rarely been around other dogs for a long period of time. When he is passing other dogs in the street he doesn't act alarmed at all, just tries to walk over to sniff them, and doesn't bark or growl at other dogs. He does moan when the dog that my neighbour has is out, as he can see it through the fence. The other week I took him for a walk with my friend and her dog (who was also male) and I did notice the hairs on Tags' back standing up at first, but other than trying to sniff the other dog nothing much happened until we got down the road and something triggered one of the dogs to growl which resulted in a little scuffle between the two, but we soon calmed them both down and they were well behaved for the rest of the walk, my dog did continue to try and sniff my friends dog though.


I'm trying to not drag this on, but I feel its best to provide as much information as possible. I've been browsing puppies for a while and I have completely fell in love with miniature dachshund puppies, but we feel a bit anxious about looking into bringing one home because we feel like Tags wouldn't like it, and think he may try and harm the puppy, so my question is, what is the best way to introduce a new puppy to an adult dog who has been the only dog in the house for 12 years and has little experience of being with other dogs, any help would be appreciated! Thankyou.

BTW, if we did bring a new puppy home, it would be a male dog.
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I've had a lot of dogs in my live that lived into old age. (I'm 52).

While it is possible to get a puppy into a home with an elderly dog, personally I never liked the idea. Your dog is 12, and you say energetic, which is great, but from personal experience, I can tell you that when they start to act old...the progression is very year you have a dog that doesn't seem old and the next, it's barely able to move because arthritis kicked in, or it's eye sight or hearing have great diminished.

I call it the downward spiral...and with month that goes by, it's like one of t hose 'twists' in a spiral...they get smaller and things move along faster with each twist.

The last thing I ever wanted for my elder pets, was to be pestered by a younger dog on days when they were not feeling good, or their energy levels ran out after a half hour of play but a puppy can go almost all day.

There's always time to get another dog in one's life...but you have only a limited amount of time with the pet that you have....and once their gone, you might regret all the hours you never spent with your current pet because you were sidetracked playing with a new puppy and teaching it things while your older pet sat off to the side and watched.

I know we don't get a vote in this....and again, I also know people successfully put puppies into a house hold with older pets....but my slant is don't do it. Let you dog have you and only you just like he's had it for all of his life and don't let his last years be something where he is now having to wait for it because another dog has come into his life and he has to now share you with that dog.

btw, I've always had 2 dogs in my life...but they were always acquired within months of each other and their ages where usually very close to each others...and that works out because they do share the same energy levels and see similar slow downs as they aged and were use to having me paying attention to the other dog..

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