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From my own personal experience it is not impossible to add a new puppy to your family with the condition of your staffy. However, you do have to make sure to keep a very sharp eye on both dogs just in case.
I rescued a bully some years back who was not used to being around other dogs at all and he didn't show signs of dog aggression, but I never wanted to test it. After two years of having him, I decided that I wanted a puppy. Some of the things I did was walk the dogs. I had my brother walk the puppy in front of me and I walked Sam a couple feet behind. When the puppy would stop and sit in some grass or pee, I'd let Sam sniff around that area and so on. I'd have the puppy in a crate and let Sam sniff him through there and vice versa. Within a couple weeks I had enough trust in Sam that I had the puppy in a sit stay position, let Sam in the living room, with a couple of stern looks and sniffs, Sam walked away from the puppy and went on with his life. They did great together! It did take a lot of consistent work and patience.
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