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Hi, I'm new to the forum, I have a strange question that I hope someone can answer, I was digging our garden yesterday when I dug up a claw, it is very large, I've never seen one as big, I'm assuming it used to belong to a dog, :confused: measurments please see below: What I was hoping someone could answer is what breed of dog it could be from, we live on a farm and as far as we know the previous occupiers of the house used to have Labs I know they are large dogs but didn't think they have claws this big. I have heard, don't know if it's a myth that human nails carry on growing when you've died if so, is it the same for animals?
I've tried to attach a photo, hope it works.
thanks for any help.
by the way I'll be digging more in that area to see if I can find anything else :)
thanks, uksweetheart

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