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Question about puppy hip dysplasia and luxating patella.

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Hello to everyone, I am new here.
I have a 6 month old girl wire fox terrier, and she is gorgeous. I just got her 2 weeks ago.
I have seen that on rare occasions she lifts up her rear leg while running for 1-2 steps. Sometimes she does it with her front leg. Those are classic signs of luxating patella as I've been told, but almost all terriers do it, so I thought there isn't a cause for concern. However, as I am always analyzing my pets (maybe a bad thing), I started seeing more symptoms. She always sits lazy, with one leg to the side (not always the same leg, she alternates), and when she is laying down, she has her legs behind her. This may be due to the fact that she is still a puppy at 6 months old.
The real concern came when I touched her at the hips below the tail, and noticed that they are a bit different, I can feel the bone on one side and much less on the other side.
Otherwise, I haven't noticed any difference in her walking, she walks like a true champion show dog, runs perfectly and has a perfect stance.
No signs of pain,and she has BOUNDLESS energy, she can jump more than 50 cm in the air to my lap.
Of course, I am taking her to the vet first thing monday, but just for peace of mind (or not), tell me your opinions and experiences.
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Seems your Vet would be your best source of information, after he or she examines her and possibly does X-rays. That is really the only way to get the most accurate information possible. Anything else is really only going to be speculation.
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