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Question about positive interrupters?

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Hi, all. I trained Jupiter to react to a positive interrupter noise and it works GREAT.
scratching at the couch? "BRRRR-EEE!" she runs over to me. Time to redirect that energy onto an appropriate chew toy!
barking at a dog outside? "BRRRRR-EEEE!" what dog? she comes running.
Chewing on the couch pillows? "BRRRR-EEEE!" no more massacred couch cushions.

It's awesome. But my question is, should I always give her a treat? I haven't tried to fade it because I'm afraid that it will make it less effective. But that also means I can only use it if I have treats handy, which I usually do but not always.
If you have a positive interrupter, have you faded the reward? Does it still work as well?
From kikopup's video, it seems like it eventually just turns into a muscle-memory reaction, but she never instructs us to fade the treat.
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If Jupiter is that reliable , I don't think it would matter if you don't treat reward him every single time, you can still offer praise an petting to let him know he has got it right. I would still treat reward most of the time.
Even learned behaviours need to rewarded now and again .
You just have to slowly reduce the treats. Every other time to every 3 times down to none. Then you just surprise the dog once in a while to keep the word rewarding. Also feel free the hug and cuddle when you stop those treats because you want to give some kind of reward. You have to ask how long would you do your job without a paycheck?
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