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Question about bloody hind legs after park

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Hi Everyone,

I'm a first-time dog owner, had my guy now about 7 months and he's about 1yr. We've noted recently that he has scabs developing on his hind legs, about midway between paw and hook. Today, after getting back from the local dog park those scabs were a bit bloody. I cleaned him up, and he doesn't seem to mind them. The dog park is a sandy/dirt flat park. He loves chasing after tennis balls, and sliding when getting them. I imagine this is how the scraps are happening.

My question is: is this something to be concerned about, or, given time will he develop some sort of callus on that spot?

Thanks for any insight
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Lots of dogs do develop callouses on their legs from a lot of activity, age and things like that. However I would always make sure to wash his legs after the park or a lot of activity if you think there are open wounds. Even if callouses form he can still get infections.
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I'd double check that there's no glass or anything else sharp in there.
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