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Qucik update and question about Lizards and Salmonella

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Hey guys,

So last week I got kicked out of my parent's house (long story I'll post if anyone is curious) and now me and Bandit live with my boyfriend and his family. It was something we were already planning, it just happened about two months earlier then we were planning. Bandit has been doing great and has really taken to their 9 y/o chihuahua mix and has started curling up with her at night instead of me (still a bit crowded with two dogs and me and my boyfriend in a queen bed lol). And they have a huge stand alone freezer and I've got about half the space for Bandit's raw food.

My question was, this morning when I was feeding Bandit I gave him a chicken drumstick and my boyfriend's mom asked if that was safe or if he'd catch salmonella. I explained how the risks were extremely minimal and she mentioned a lot of dogs in the area catching salmonella from eating lizards. I'm curious if that's true because while there aren't many lizards at my boyfriend's house, but there are a ton at my parent's house and I'd like to warn them so they can keep an eye on Molly because they are small and easy to catch.

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I think people tend to overreact mostly to raw chicken and pork. We've been taught to disinfect everything almost to the point of a bubble. We have immune systems for a reason. Pretty sure most dogs and humans carry something or other, but I think the big concern is having it bloom when something isn't quite right with the dog.

My pup, though raw fed, hasn't associated the mice he kills with food so in that sense, there's no predator and prey situation. How about yours?
My pup, though raw fed, hasn't associated the mice he kills with food so in that sense, there's no predator and prey situation. How about yours?
Bandit hasn't killed anything so far, he doesn't seem to have much prey drive whatsoever and he is the wimpiest raw eater I've ever heard of, I have to hand feed him everything. This morning his chicken bone was fridge temp instead of room temp so he refused to bite it. I'm glad he's so gentle because I do get dangerously close during feeding time. I really lucked out with Bandit because even the other small dog and cat will crowd around during meal-time and he doesn't even notice them and they scavenge the blood or fat that falls on the floor.

However Molly will go after anything that moves, and she's slow so I'm not sure if she's caught anything yet, but she has plenty of lizards that live in my parent's backyard so I'm sure she'll eventually nab one. I just wanted to know if this is something potentially dangerous to her so I can warn my parents.
I personally wouldn't worry too much about it, but we have no lizards this far north. Hard to find a snake up this way...
I used to live in Maine so we never thought about it. But living in Florida tiny little lizards are absolutely everywhere. I now live in the woods so they are far less common, but on the beach where my parent's and Molly live there are probably 5-8 lizards on the porch at any one time. I think I'm going to just let them know so they keep an eye out, but I'm not too worried about it, Molly is old and those lizards are fast!
Honestly I wouldn't worry too much about it. If it were something to be concerned about i'm sure it would be made more public since there are so many lizards there. Just enjoy life and don't overthink things too much. ;)
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