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Hello everyone. Im coming here still in a mentally exhausted state as
we had to get My dog Bella emergency pyrometra surgery, I just cannot stop worrying. Its been 20 days since her surgery. And literally in the last 2 days I noticed this.... And if I look close enough i see black ( not sure if its her hair growing back not sure if its dried up scab from healing or stitches ) not to mention the pink bubble near the end of her incision Her appointment is not till Feb.10th to get her staples removed but i did explain to them over the phone on what i was seeing. They asked about her...
No temp
Area around the surgical wound is not warm or feel warmer then usual
She is drinking and eating with no problem
And has not showed no signs of pain or discomfort.
With me telling them that and explaining that area the vet explained there was nothing to worry about.
I posted on another forum and had so many negative comments about what a bad job my vet did etc...... Many mixed reviews many said granulation tissue is what the tissue like lump is..... And some telling me its my dogs insides.... I did have another 2nd opinion from a certified vet and was told everything looks good..... But maybe someone else has gone through this already and seen it. This is my first time in my adult years to own my own dog. And the anxiety is killing me cause i cannot even find anything online about this or a picture even similar. Also in this pic the area seems like a bright color but with my eyes its a very pale pink and has smoothed out a little
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