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My 2 year-old terrier mix really loves to play tug and tear open her stuffed toys (we鈥檝e gone through 3 of these Lamb Chops in the past month, her absolute favorite), what a mess 馃槀 . But I wanted to get something for her to do when we aren鈥檛 around so she can do something to stimulate her mind and instinct. She loves to track. Does anyone recommend a type of toy we could use? She loves the classic Kong, but that only lasts a little bit, and I don鈥檛 want to stuff something with too much food. Maybe something where she can open different compartments to find a single kibble here and there?

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I made a toy for my dog that he really likes. What I started with is a small plastic bucket with a lid and an old blanket. I cut a hole in the top of the lid and cut a strip about 8-10cm wide off the length of the blanket.

What I do with that is to roll up the blanket with "treats" inside. I use treats that he really likes so he doesn't give up. I then stuff the blanket with the treats into the little bucket and leave a corner of that sticking out of the hole in the lid. Then I'll leave it somewhere in the house and scatter a few treats around in non-obvious places like under his bed, under the mat in his crate, on the floor in the kitchen, which is a room he doesn't usually go in unless we are there.

Once his nose picks up the treats he knows that the game is on and he'll look through the house to find the bucket. As an aside to this initially I just gave him the bucket and made the game more complex as time goes by and he got better at solving the puzzle. If you just start by hiding the bucket your dog might not think to go look for it.

Once he finds the bucket he has to pull the strip of cloth out through the hole to get most of the treats. Some will remain inside the bucket as he is doing that and then he has to figure out how to get those treats out of the bucket. My dog does that by throwing the bucket around until they fall out. Your dog might think of another solution.

My dog is a poodle so it's a bit of challenge to think of a puzzle in the sweet zone that he takes a while to solve it but it's not too easy or too hard. The first time I gave him this toy it took him about 15 minutes (maybe a little longer) to get all of the treats out of the bucket. I started making it more complex by hiding the bucket because after a few tries he was solving the puzzle in about 5 minutes.

Either way the dog loves this game. The best part is that I made it with stuff I had laying around and it cost me nothing.

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