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As some of you know I recently adopted a Female Jack Russel Rat Terrier Mix, she's roughly eight years old and is the sweetest little thing. I've decided to share her little story. She was rescued from a mill I believe in missouri/minisota one of those two by the National Mill Dog Rescue in february 2009. She had just had a litter of puppies they estimate shes had about 16 litters with about two to four puppies each, thats a lot of puppies. She was bred twice a year and was kept in a very small cage with two or three other dogs. All the human contact she had was negative, because of that she is very timid, doesnt care for men and she didnt usually eat her food when people were around or touching it, she would cower and run off. When ever she was touched particularly on her hind quarters she would jump turn around and snap at the person. I believe she is going blind, there are signs of cataracts forming in her eyes, and she doesnt seem to be able to hear all that well particularly out of one ear. Her name used to be Daisy Mae before we switched it to Teika Mae, or just Teika. She was in poor shape when we got her, her ribs showed and she had/has numorous cut/scrapes and scabs, some from her being spayed. but those have healed. The others I have no Idea where they could have come from but they are there. She has filled out nicely and is improving very well, she has bonded to me more so than anyone else and is still distrustfull of strangers. Love her to death, though she was supposed to be my moms dog, the dog bonded strongly with me for some reason, as do all of my dogs ;). Her training is coming along well accept for the basic training and housebreaking.

If you are interested in adopting a mill dog visit its based in colorado, they are great people and do everything they can to help these dogs. Only mom and dad dogs though very few puppys.
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Bless your heart for taking a puppymill dog. They can be tough ones I have heard. I have my first foster and while he wasn't a puppy mill dog, he was from a backyard breeder and is 5 years old. He wants SO much to be loved and he's trying SO hard to do what I want. We're doing potty training now and bless his little heart, he's really trying.

Now the thing I keep repeating is that I am taking wonderful care of him and making sure he's safe and happy but I am only his foster mom. I will care for him until his forever mom comes along. Did I mention that I keep repeating this???????? A lot???????
Thanks she can be a handful at times, she's taking to snapping at people when they get to close or try to pick her up when Im not around. She was a little difficult to house train but I think I've finally done it with her, she hasnt had an accident in a little over two weeks now. Good luck with that, if you have any questions feel free to ask me.
Well we have the peeing outside down pat I think. But he has diarrhea and is going IN the house every time, not one time OUT. *sigh* We're not doing well in the pooing dept.
Thats been hard for her too. Have you found out why he has diarrhea?
Was his food. No clue what he was fed before I got him.

But the good news is, he has gone to his forever home and is a happy little guy and his new mama and daddy are thrilled!
Update on Miss Teika, She is now a nine year old! yay! lol well she has almost come completly full circle from my first post about her. She is a loving, sensitive, sweet little girl. She still doesnt like men though and is still a little nerovous around stangers but not kids she absolutly loves kids of any age and is great with them, she particularly likes handicapped kids. Teika still has a bit of seperation anxiety when I'm gone, she loves her big kennel, have to litterally lock her OUT of her kennel, otherwise she will spend all day in there if she can. Teika has mastered housetraining though she doesnt tell us when she has to go out, she'll sort of tell me, I can always tell. Teika is my constant companion and shadow when I'm home or outside. She's wonderful off leash, I think she prefers it. Teika is great around horses which is a plus for me because I'm always around horses and if she's my dog she needs to be comfortable and have some horse smarts which she does thankfully. She is in training to do therapy work hopefully! Well aside from my babbling you can see shes come a long way in about 11 or 12 months, (we got her april of 2009) Though she still wants nothing to do with my mom, or any other family member. they get mad at me about that but what can I do? the dog loves me, she's my girl, and she knows it lol. Oh. and she is also going to hopefully start doing canine freestyle to help build her confidence in herself which she seems to lack. She still shuts down when she's not sure of something which is really frustrating sometimes especially when trying to teach her basic obedience, she also doesnt like the clicker, even if I muffle it, she tends to flinch or shut down more frequently.
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wow! thanks for the update, that is so wonderful that she is doing so much better! good job, *pats losthope236 on back* seriously good job :)

you don't have to use a clicker, you can just use a marker word...that may be better for her...

Yep, she's 8 not 9 but anyway I dont really use the clicker that often especially with her. I've never had a dog that was interested in it anyway. I tell her good or yes when she does something right and always give her really high value treats her favorites are lunchmeat, cheese, crackers, cheese and crackers (canned cheese and wheat thins) and her ultimate favorite is canned cheese straight from the can. She will literally stalk you for cheese and crackers. A little more about her, she is a cookie and milk theif, never leave them unattended even if they are high up she will get them. We call her Ninja sometimes because she is sneaky and steals things or has some accidents right in front of everybody and nobody sees her till its to late. I swear she can silence her dog tags that constantly jingle when she moves. She is very clever and is coming along nicely hope to do another update on this little girl and maybe post some recent pics of her
aww, sounds like she has come far! and I cant wait for updated pics!


This is a pic of Teika on the day we got her, she still has on the collar and tags and the NMDR number which was promptly removed after this picture (The white tag). She had a fascination with sitting ontop of her Kennel that day and the first few months we had her. From this picture you can't really tell how bad of shape she actually was.

The Doll House Monster!!!!
Teika exactly a year from when we got her (4/11/10) we got her on 4/11/09 she loved the old doll house my grandma made she would sleep in the foyer. But I decided to put her upstairs and she fell asleep in that room. (She loves small spaces)

Just a pic of teika as a whole, I love her spots. We've had her for a year now and I truly do believe when people say it takes a special person to adopt (and rehabilitate) a mill dog. They are not exagerating especially when one is as mentally scared and damaged as she is. (But that can also be the case with any rescued dog.) This lost cause has truly warmed my heart and taught me many valuable lessons, she has proven to me that she is not the lost cause the rescue considered her to be, and I'm sure I'll have many more years with this amazing dog by my side.

On a side note, I was taking Teika to therapy with me awhile ago then I stopped and am now going back. One of my therapists the other day asked where she was, (Teika wasn't with me that time, she needs a new tag), I told her she was at home and the therapist frowned a little and said she missed her but she was happy to hear of her progress. Teika has already touched lives in a matter of months, children, therapists and their patients, everyone missed her and are excited for me to start bringing her again. Teika loves her job, and loves being with me, the people there have really helped me bring her out of her shell around people.
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Delighted to hear how well she's doing! And I understand the Ninja part perfectly!
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