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How does this sound for 9 week puppy. It is based on it being a work day and she will come with me to my office. Side note, without moving things around the crate will only fit in front of my desk where she can hear but not see me. Is that ok?

630 wake and out
645 play
700 feed with food ball
715 out
730 half hour car ride to work
800 out then crate
Then out every 1.5 hours or less depending on her as an individual. Ill be taking a week off then I get her and writhing all pottys down so ill know.
1200 out then play
1230 feed with bowl in work crate
1245 out then crate
Out as often as necessary like earlier
530 out then play
600 car for half hour
630 out then free time in kitchen
700 hand feed supper, drink then water comes up
715 out
Out as often as needed, training, resting, play (all about her!)
1015 last out
1030 bed ( crate in room)

The just outs will be all business , apart from the praise. I work only 4 days a week, and the other days I want to follow sane schedule but hopefully I can play with her now instead of crate time , unless you think that would make it a hard change? Also when old enough I will walk her half hour in the morning, lunch, and evening.
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