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Hi all,

My poor perfect little 14-week old puppy is suffering with harvest mites and I'm starting to feel a bit despondent and am in need of some friendly help!

She's been itching nearly since we first got her and it turns out she has got harvest mites. Since we first identified what the little orange blighters were, I've started to notice them in various spots on her body; toes, tummy, ears etc
We took her to the vets on Monday and treated her with advocate that night. From what I've read, this should start working within 24 hours and I should see them turn brown and then into scabs that we can pick off – not happening! I'm noticing them more than ever!

I've read that frontline spray is good, but can I use that as well as the advocate (which should cover her for 4 weeks)? She's only a tiny little thing (miniature dachshund) and I don't want to overdose her!

Does bathing, pulling them off or anything else work?

Any help will be well received.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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