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My husband brought home our sweet new husky on Thursday night. He seemed fine then, just shy and nervous, but now he's started to have diahhrea and vomit. When he vomits, he has a dry gag and then it's mostly watery mucous. His stool is mushy and has mucous threads in it. I also found this shell like thing by his crate this morning. I have an appointment and the vet tomorrow but I'm so worried that I was hoping someone could help me out before then. I've attached pics for more details.

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It could be anything from intestinal parasites to parvo, you really need the vet to diagnose what's going on. Just try to keep him hydrated, you can give him unflavored pedialyte for the added electrolytes until tomorrow, BUT if he seems to be getting any worse get him in. By worse I mean lethargic, or the diarrhea and vomiting gets worse. If he stops vomiting then try feeding him a small amount of chicken and rice, wait and see if he keeps it down then try feeding him a bit more, small as in no more then a tablespoon full..

To make the chicken and rice boil chicken in water until it's fully cooked, remove the chicken and cook white rice in that same water until it's slightly over coked. Drain the rice, skin and debone the chicken, and mix equal amounts of the meat with the rice. Chicken and rice is easy on a dogs upset stomach. You can add up to two teaspoon of plain canned pumpkin a day (not pumpkin pie filling) to his food to help with the diarrhea. Do not feed him if he's vomiting as it's likely to make the vomiting worse.

Definitely get him to the vet though, it's never good when a puppy is that sick and they can go downhill very fast.
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