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Puppy temper tantrum?

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Hi everyone,

I have a very sweet and affectionate 10 mo. old, Aussie shepherd/ Rottweiler mix. I got him at 8 wks from someone who had already taken him from his mom and sibling pups. He was a pretty sick pup when I got. I spent a fortune on vet bills, but nursed him back to good health, and he seems to be doing fine (touch wood).

His name Jake, and he has a bad case of separation anxiety when I'm away from him. He's becoming increasingly willful, with what seem to be 'temper tantrums.'

This morning, he had a good 2 hr run at the dog park with his buddies, but he gets over-excited and herds and barks a high-pitch bark at the other dogs. It's excessive and makes it not fun to be there. I've tried giving him 'time outs' and I've tried to submit him, but he gets back up and starts all over again!

This evening I took him for a long stroll, and for the first 20 mins, he was great.... But then, he started nipping at the leash, and thrashing it about. Then he dropped to the ground and squirmed on his back for a few minutes with the leash in his mouth. He wouldn't get up even though I gave him the command. I tried to submit him to calm him down, but he kept squirming and nipping at me, and seemed to be having a doggie temper tantrum.

My question is: Do dogs have temper tantrums?
And if so, what should I do to correct this bad behaviour?

I had to raise my voice to get any kind of reaction.... He's getting a 'time-out' right now.

Help please???


p.s. He's not aggressive –thankfully!
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Thanks so much for all of these resources.... I'll check them out and with any luck, they'll work.

To clarify, I was told to hold the dog down near the scruff of his neck, because this is what supposedly what his mother would do to stop him in his tracks! However, this is difficult to do since I'm a 110 lb female, and he's 60lbs strong!

The time out that I gave him tonight after he behaved so badly was in the bathroom with the light off for 20mins. The time out that I give him at the park when he barks incessantly, is 5-10 mins in little double gated entrance to the dog park.

Admittedly, I spoiled him quite a bit when he was sick, and now he's really demanding. I can't even leave him tied on leash for a few seconds without him making a HUGE scene. It's embarassing and frustrating.

I've signed up for more training lessons, but they may not allow him to attend the classes if he acts up.

Funny, he's sleeping like an angel now....

Sigh. :?
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Yup, they use positive reinforcement methods, like clicker training.
I'll do as you've advised and I've already talked to the trainers.... They'll meet him tomorrow afternoon to see if he's suitable for their classes.

Congrats again on your rescue. They really are great ... even if they can be a pain in the but! ;)
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