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Teeth care for puppies can be challenging. Since a puppy's mouth and teeth are continually developing and changing, it's crucial to monitor their oral health in particular.

Your puppy should have started developing its first set of teeth around the age of three to four weeks. Dogs develop a set of puppy teeth before their adult teeth erupt, just like people do.

Three to four months pass after their puppy teeth erupt before they start to fall out and adult canine teeth start to erupt in their stead. Although your dog's puppy teeth may only last a short time, it's still crucial to take care of them.

Give your puppy some toys: While your puppy is experiencing teething, chew toys are essential. They'll not only assist in keeping their teeth clean but also relieve teething discomfort. Make sure to choose a chew toy for your puppy that is age-appropriate by looking for puppy toys rather than adult dog toys. Choose a toy that is both soft and sturdy, big enough for your puppy to be unable to swallow it, but not so big that they can't put it in their mouths.

Keep your vet informed: Your puppy's teeth should begin to fall out around three to four months. Keep an eye out for any baby teeth that are proving difficult to remove and get in touch with your veterinarian if you have any concerns. At each examination, bring up your puppy's dental progress.

Brush their teeth: Maintaining your puppy's dental health requires brushing their teeth beginning at a young age. It not only keeps their teeth healthy, but it also helps children become accustomed to brushing their teeth at a young age. To begin, gently stroke your puppy's mouth with your fingertips. Start using toothpaste on your finger and ultimately a toothbrush once your puppy has been accustomed to this. To help them adjust, you can also wrap a piece of gauze around your finger and run it along their teeth and gums. Don't forget to treat and praise your dog after each cleaning session.

Every year, bring up dental health with your veterinarian. Make it a practice to talk about your dog's oral health during the annual exam. By consulting with vets, you may ensure that your puppy's oral health is excellent well into maturity.
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