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The "resource" your dog is guarding is herself! I've seen this 1000 times, especially with German Shepherds.

Your puppy has been tolerating things that make her uncomfortable, like excessive attention and confusing direction, for some time. As she matures she'll be less and less tolerant and more and more likely to take a stand against it!

Is it possible for you to hire an experienced trainer to help with her? It would save you lots of time and work!

With a german shepherd less is more when it comes to attention. Be there, nearby and even interacting, without any touching of any kind. Let her know that you won't grab or try to pet or otherwise interfere with her when she's near or resting or eating.

Teach her, using ample treats and praise and play, what you want. Watch Kikopup on YouTube for help with that step.

The grass thing is about play, so play with her! Throw some grass! Laugh and have fun! And above all, lighten up!

You'll find that once you stop actively pursuing her as you go about your day, she'll begin to relax. The main thing is to be consistent. She needs to trust you to "act" in a predictable way.
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