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And yes, there were warnings before, but I did not see them because of the curtain maybe, so she started to growl as I removed the curtain, and the rest you know already...
Just to pick up on something you said yesterday.

A dog doesn’t escalate from wide eyes, yawning, avoidance, etc, to a growl and air snap that quickly.

What we mean is that she may have been giving off these signals that she wasn’t comfortable for months before resorting to growling and air snap.

Do not pat a dog on the head unless it’s fully awake and alert.

I’m not entirely convinced that the aggression is related to a pseudo-pregnancy - she doesn’t sound like she’s nesting, she’s not carrying toys around, you haven’t mentioned any of the physical symptoms such as enlarged mammary glands or lethargy;

As your dog is a GSD, I wonder if she’s chosen your partner as her person. They are known as “one man dogs”, and while they will show loyalty to other family members, there’s often one person who’s their favourite - and that isn’t necessarily their main care giver;

Yes, barking/snapping at your hand, trying to cover/protect the grass, is resource guarding.
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