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And another thing i did fail to mention. He can hold it. We typically take his water away about 1.5hr before bed time, still give him an ice cube or two in his bowl so he can wet his tongue at least. We still go out every 20-25 minutes up until the last call for bed. He sleeps on a bed at the food our bed and so far has not had a single accident in the room during the night. He sleeps usually from about 10pm-6am. Doesn't wake us up to go out and no accidents. When I take him out in the morning he pees a lot. Which is great, and also tells me he is holding it.
You can't really rely on what he does overnight to indicate his ability to hold it. At 16 weeks he just simply doesn't have complete bladder control. When he is sleeping it's a completely different situation. There is no physical stimulation to get his pee flowing so it's easier for him to 'hold it'. The fact that he goes from 10pm-6am really just tells you he's a good sleeper. The fact that he'll pee and doesn't even seem to notice it would indicate to me that he doesn't have control over his bladder.

I would still get him checked out by a vet to rule out any medical issues. If he gets the all clear it's just something you're going to have to wait out. Try confining him to a smaller area, and not giving him more freedom until he demonstrates he can go a day or two without taking a wiz all over the place. Generally the you want him at a point where he is constantly succeeding. If he fails at something you want to go back to the step where he was last successful. The fact that he'll pee when he's tethered to you means you should tighten up his confinement when he's in the house. Either an x-pen or a crate until he can move to the next step.
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