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Puppy peeing and pooping behaviours!

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I have a 3-month old female puppy at the moment. Since the beginning she has been good and pees and poops in just two designated areas where I leave newspapers and puppy pads.
For the past three days, I have been trying to house break train her. However, I feel that when I take her out she gets so excited that she forgets everything and just wants to run and jump. The first day, she didn't poop outside because she already had early in the morning at home. The second day, she didn't poop outside but did so around 10 minutes after bringing her inside the house. The third day, she didn't poop anywhere because I think she did so late in the night and very very early in the morning. I am not sure what's going on and how to train her.
I know that puppies do tend to pee and poop more often till the age of 6 months at least and if is only post that age that they actually start to calm down and learn. My first pet who is with my parents at the moment was allowed to pee and poop wherever he wanted to till 6 months of age because the vet did not allow me to take him out before that. I started taking him out only from 6 months onwards. He became trained so quick and so well. He is my first pet so I didn't know much about dogs back then, but I thought his transformation was natural. I never thought much of it.
But this puppy annoys me at times. I had few questions:
1. When should I change the number of meals I give her? Currently I give her 3 meals a day. I do ensure consistency in the meal timings.
2. At what age will she stop peeing and pooping in the house, even if it is in the two designated areas that I have given her?
3. Should I continue to take her out at the fixed time that I take her out everyday, and just expect that if not today then at least some day she will start doing so outside? Or should I wait for her to reach a particular age and then let the house break habit naturally kick in?

The odd thing is that at 9 weeks and then 10 weeks of age there were few instances when I took her out in the morning and she did a lot of pee and even pooped. In fact once when we had to go t someone's house and had to take her, I took her out first so tha she pees before getting into the car and instead she pooped. Now she is 12 weeks. I just feel that she is probably so excited to go out that she forgets, but when she comes home she is relaxed and then let's out. So maybe as she goes out more regularly and consistently, then the charm and excitement of outdoors will fade away. But I don't know. I'm so worried and confused. Don't know how to house break train her.
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To your second question:
That will not magically happen. She knows that she is allowed to use the bathroom inside on these two spots, so she will continue to do so. She doesn't know and understand that you actually want her to go only go outside.
If she goes outside, are you praising her, treating her, throwing a puppy party for her?
To 3: I don't believe that there is a natural house break habit. So yes, keep going outside with her, but as often as necessary. So, whenever you think she needs to go (shortly after food, after a nap, after play/training, basically every 30 minutes to an hour) take her outside, it's about her digestive schedule right now, not your set times for going outside (that comes later when she learns to hold it).
Are you living in a house with a yard or apartment building? If a house with a yard, just go in the yard with her, let her explore, but the novelty will wear off quickly. If you then praise her, maybe even give her a cue for going potty, she will get in no time that you want her to go to the bathroom outside. BUT take the pee pads and news paper away, don't give her the opportunity to go inside anymore, so she has a chance to understand the concept.
Important: Supervision! Don't let her out of your sight and take her outside as soon as you see signs (like sniffing around a lot) and praise, praise, praise :)
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I went through the exact same thing recently!! My 4.5 month old JUST got the hang of housetraining (with a few accidents still but that's ok).

I started with pee pads and I really didn't want to but I work full time and I'm only able to come home during lunch hour. I basically had to learn how to housetrain her all over again when she was old enough to hold in her pee for a few hours. I removed all her pee pads cold turkey. I find that that made me more diligent to watch her and take her out to avoid messes in the house.

Do you work full time? or you home most of the time?

It was a really tiring process but these were the rules I followed:

- every 30-40 mins I took her out to pee/poop. If she did any business outside I would do a little happy dance (basically looking like an idiot) and gave her a really good treat (not kibble)
- after drinking water, took her out after 20-30 mins
- if I saw her circling I knew she had to poop so I would say "nono" in a calm voice and carry outside. Again, happy poop dance and yummy treat.
- While she is peeing and pooping I will say "go pee!" or "go poo!" and once shes finished I will praise and treat. She can pretty much pee on command now.

If she didn't pee or poop when I took her out, I would bring her back in for 5 mins and then take her back out. They key was being able to catch her doing it outside so I could praise her.

At first I had to bring a pee pad with me outside (sometimes with her pee already on it). I looked like an idiot but that was the only way to encourage her to do her business outside. Too many times I would let her out, nothing happened, we would come back in and she would pee in the hallway.

I had to watch her like a hawk. I learned to read her body language really well. Sometimes though, she just pees too quickly so I just had to silently clean up the mess and be more watchful for the next time.

My pup works really well on a schedule. She knows now that I come home every lunch hour and as soon as I take her out she will pee and poop. Same as when I get home from work.

I believe for feeding under 6 months of age you feed 3 meals/day. 6+ months it's twice and eventually you can feed even once a day. I still feed my 12 year old dog twice a day. My pup gets too gassy if the meals are too large and she will get really soft stool. Their little tummies can't handle portions that are too big so stick with 3 meals a day.

I know this is hard to believe now, but one day your pup will just "get it". That's what happened with mine. I was watching TV and she was playing on her own and she just ran to the door and sat down and looked at me. She was telling me she needed to go out! I was so happy!

Just keep at it, persistence and consistency is key. She will get it eventually! :)
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Just wanted to add:

I couldn't do the tethering method because she would just chew and tug on the leash.

I couldn't do the crate training method (with the door closed) because she would wail too much/too loudly and I didn't want to get evicted.

Don't lose hope! If I can housetrain my pup without those two methods and having started with pee pads, you can too! :)
Thanks. Yup I know that patience and consistency are what is needed. Dogs tend to learn by themselves as they grow. Happened with my first pet. Just got a bit worried with my second one.
My husband told me to make her last meal of the day light, so that she doesn't have an urgency to poop even before I woke up. To my relief, today she did not poop either late in the night or early morning. I woke up and took her out immediately and yippee she pooped outside. I was ecstatic and praised her. I guess it was the heavy night meals that made her unable to hold on to her poop till she went out in the morning. Anyway, I'm going to be consistent with this. So hopefully she will be good.

Thanks for all the guidance.
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