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I got a German Shepard puppy about a year ago, now I already had a dog. She was larger than my GSD at the time despite only being a Pomeranian/Husky mix, though I knew that wouldn’t last forever.
At first my elder dog was afraid of the puppy but eventually they got along quite well. They played together and slept together. My older dog would even lick the puppies face.
Everything was fine until about a couple weeks ago. My puppy turned a year old this month and she’s much larger now. And I noticed her pounding on my elder dog. She’d paw at her and tower over her, even grabbing her at the back of her neck. Though I didn’t think much of it because I knew that dogs sometimes played by grabbed at the back of each other’s necks.
It only concerned me when I came back from a walk with my elder dog and when she walked in the door the puppy jumped on her and wouldn’t let go of her. My puppy wasn’t growling and my dog wasn’t whining but she was shaking, probably because she already had a fear of dogs when we rescued her.
Now things have escalated a lot. My puppy will see my dog as she walks into a room and runs at her. Once she body slammed her and made her tumble across the floor. What really scared me though was when I was playing with them on the floor and my dog was shaking a toy around when my puppy came to grab it. In the past they would engage in a tug of war with each other so I let my puppy approach. My dog snapped at her and went to bite her nose, something she, once again, had done in the past. Just tiny nips that didn’t cause any harm because of how tiny she is.
This time though when my dog snapped at the puppy, my puppy jumped on top of her, grabbed her by the back of the neck and shook her. She wouldn’t let go even after my dog cried out. I was sitting right there so I was able to pull them apart without my puppy turning on me.
I’m not sure if my puppy is trying to shift the dominance positon in the house or if she is genuinely trying to hurt my dog. I’ve heard some say that you shouldn’t get involved when dogs fight for dominance but my puppy is huge and my dog is so tiny I’m afraid she’s going to get seriously hurt one day. She’s still a puppy so I don’t know if that’s adding to her strange temperament, or the fact that she hasn’t been spayed yet or given all her shots has anything to do with this. I’m not sure where to go from here and there last thing I want to do is hand over my puppy to a shelter. Please if anyone knows anything I’d be grateful
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