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Puppy not eating enough

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I got my puppy 1 week ago, he is 15 wks old and teddy bear breed. I'm still giving the same food he used to have before I brought him home. I was told to give him 1/2 a cup 3 times a day but he doesnt even eat half of it. He also has parasites which we are treating with medicines. Also I'm adding digestive enzymes powder to his food, and he eats even less. The digestive enzymes was recommended by the vet. Any advice? I wanna introduce another food.
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Parasites are a major health issue. Your dog is already under treatment from a vet, you really need to ask the vet. Adding other foods to a dog who's system is still under a tremendous amount of stress could make the poor guy even sicker.
What type of food are you feeding???. It may be that the amount being fed is currently too much (if he/she is a smaller breed) or it could be that the medications being given are causing an upset stomach.... Is he/she gaining weight?? Are there any other symptoms of illness or injury??? Remember every dog is different and will require different amounts of food, depending on age, health, overall activity level, breed size etc...If you are concerned a consultation with your vet is always a good idea... Also I just noticed that you said you have only had him a week.. Not usual for a pup to go off his feed for a few days when being introduced to a new environment.... As long as he is eating, drinking, playing etc, I wouldn't worry too much....
by teddy bear breed what breed exactly are you reffering to? eg shih tzu, pomenerian etc
Teddy bear is a mixes breed of shihtzu and bichon frise. The food Im giving him is Health Extension lamb and brown rice, same as she was given before I brought him home
How much does your puppy currently weight? Do not change the food without consulting your veterinarian since he has parasites and is on medication.

Once his health is restored, you may want to slowly move to a different brand and different protein. He may just dislike the current food or the lamb. But it seems like he is still eating so I wouldn't be very concerned unless he completely stops eating.

I'm not sure who told you how much to feed, but definitely check the package for the manufacture recommendation (unless of course the veterinarian told you how much to feed).

On a final note, make sure you weight him weekly to ensure he isn't losing any weight.
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