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A bit of a back story. We have a 5 month old male Bernedoodle who has had urinary issues since we got him. First time we took him to the vet, diagnosed with crystals and white blood cells in urine + uti. Didn't seem to get better, so vet tried cistocentesis (extracting urine directly from bladder) and that was clear. So Jasper was sent to get a ultrasound. Results of that were his foreskin was infected and he was prescribed cream and antibiotic.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday. Jasper has been in doggy day care for a week. Woke up to several spots of blood-tinged urine on our comforter where he sleeps. Also, Tuesday morning was like a light switch with his food. Every other time I fill up his food dish, he literally did backflips he was so excited about it. On Tuesday morning, refused to touch it. Same thing at lunch and dinner. So, back to the vet where he is now diagnosed with granulated urethritis and was put on anti-inflammatory meds for life.

Wednesday back to doggy day care, and I told the owner that he's not feeling well, not eating, please let him just lay low. She proceeds to tell me that he has tons of energy, all he wants to do is play. He turned up his nose to HIS food that I supply, but readily ate his friend's bowl of food.

So now I'm thinking the food issue is not health related at all, but he's decided other's food is more appealing than his own?

Is that actually a thing? He's pouting because he wants the other puppy's food?

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Hello [email protected],

I’m sorry to hear about Jasper, and I hope he is doing better.

Dog food does have a massive impact on a dog’s overall health especially if x dog is allergic or even sensitive to what is in the dog food.

You stated that he would not eat the dog food you provided him but ate what the daycare provided?

Did you happen to ask the daycare what type of dog food they were feeding the dogs? Does it match the class you are feeding him at home? Is the quality near the same?

Dogs will eat other dogs’ food just because they don’t want them to eat it. But that is more of just being stingy and comes down to a survival thing.
You also stated your vet put him on anti-inflammatory meds for life?

Yes, I would highly recommend switching his food; it sounds like he could be suffering from allergic reactions.

It's not always black in white what a dog is allergic too, and you have to basically do a food test for x amount of time and see how their health improves.

Ideally you will want to switch him to a new food for at least 60 days and see how he changes 90 days for the best results.

If you are needing help on picking out food for him I would suggest reading

They have a fantastic list of dog foods and explanations. I personally use taste of the wild, it cleared up my dogs skin allergies.

Good luck

- UnShackledPit
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