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I am currently abroad in the Philippines in a very rural area. Some people brought me a tiny little puppy who's mother has died. It is very young, maybe 3 week old, 4 weeks at most. No one seems to know for sure. I don't have any formula and I doubt I will be able to get any.I have some dry kibble that I tried to mash up with some water but he wouldn't eat it. I was able to give him about 5 ml of water through a syringe but that's all. I really want to save this pup but I don't know what to do. I am a dog owner, but mine was a rescue I got when she was 2 and I have no experience with young puppies. Thanks, guys.

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Ideally get the little one to the vet, that will be his best bet for survival.

You are going to have to make your own puppy formula if you cannot buy a commercial one. Here's a recipe for one.

  • 10 ounces of Whole Goats Milk. (Fresh goats milk is ideal, but if unavailable WalMart also sells goats milk by the quart).
    (If goats milk is unavailable, you may substitute 10 oz. of canned evaporated milk & 3 oz. sterilized water)
    (do not use sweetened condensed milk, or cow milk)
  • 1 cup Whole Yogurt. (not fat-free, skim, or lowfat) Best is a very rich high fat greek yogurt.
  • 2 raw Egg Yolks. (do not include the egg white, use the yolk only)
  • 1 tablespoon Mayoniase. (not lowfat mayonaise)
    (oil may be substituted for mayonnaise - coconut oil, olive oil, fish oil, etc)
  • 1/2 tablespoon White Karo Suryp / Corn Suryp. (do not use honey as a substitute)
    (if needed, you can make your own suryp by disolving 1/2 cup sugar in 1/8 cup hot water)

Blend or wisk ingredients until completely mixed. Allow bubbles to settle from formula before feeding puppies. Keep refrigerated, warm individual portions to body temperature (101 degrees) for each feeding, and make a fresh batch of formula after 7 days.

Formula can be fed via bottle, syringe, or tube feeding.
Newborn pups should be fed about every two hours. Approximately 1cc of formula per ounce of puppy body weight. However, this is an estimate and each pup should be fed based off individual observation - you want a content pup with a round full belly, not hollow, and not stretched overly tight and uncomfortably extended.
After 4 weeks of age, formula can be mixed with raw ground hamburger to make a puppy mush that can be fed from a bowl

If you cannot find a puppy bottle to feed him with, what I'd do is get a syringe like the ones they use to give medicine to babies or animals and use that to feed him with.

Good luck! I really hope you can save him!
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