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Take some time to consider what it is about the hallway that sets her off.
Growling, jumping, biting can be a form of (rough) play, but it can also be due to anxiety/stress and as a puppy she knows no other way to express it.
Perhaps- consider whether the hallway was used as a place to play when she was smaller?
Could it be the lighting or the way noises sound a bit different, perhaps your footsteps 'echo' a bit, or perhaps she doesn't feel comfortable in a confined (narrow) space - yet?

If she were my pup, I would start at one end of the hallway, and toss treats into it, encourage her to go and get them, and return to me, before tossing the treats a bit further, as she is easily able to go and get them. And/or I would try slowly 'walking' her down the hall with me, rewarding every step of the way, if need be, for keeping her paws on the floor, focusing on me, keeping her brain engaged, maybe occasionally stopping for a brief sit, ultimately, 'showing' her/helping her learn how I want her to behave in the hallway.
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