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Puppy Chews?

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What are the best products you have found for puppies to chew on? Moose loves branches/sticks, thankfully he just chews them up and doesn't eat them, just leaves wood chips all over the house :/ I bought one of the fake "wood" stick chews and he has no interest in it. I tried a rubber toy made for "intense" chewers, he had chunks off of it within minutes. His favorite thing in the world is carrots, but I can only feed him so many! Any suggestions on chew products?
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Mine likes antler bones, which are pretty hard. I've been meaning to try sweet potatoe and himalayan milk chews as well.
My guys also love antlers. We have a few in every room of the house pretty much. That way regardless of where we are hanging out, they have something to keep them occupied.
Pax was a severe chewer as a pup. Himalayan Chews and Bully Sticks were the best for him.
I give my two antlers and water buffalo horns. I've tried the Merrick lamb shanks but they're messy and my Puggle chews up and swallows the brittle pieces of bone. I've tried sweet potatoes but it seems to bother their stomachs.

If your dog is a big chewer and you decide to try out antlers, I would avoid the ones that are cut in half like the one Kong makes. They're cut in half lengthwise and you can see the marrow-like inside. My puggle absolutely destroys those. I just started buying the full ones and they last so much longer. Not sure if I'm the last one to figure that one out, but I just found out that there are different kinds out there.

If you're into raw feeding and you can keep Moose in one spot while he eats a treat, I love the Primal frozen raw marrow bones. Since they're raw, you never worry that the bones will splinter and hurt your dog's throat or stomach. They're just kind of gross to deal with.
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